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General Assembly of the Omani Society of Educational Technology

The General Assembly of the society is the annual gathering for the OSET admin board with OSET Members to view all what have been accomplished last year through   the administrative and financial reports and other databases related to OSET activities and members’ affairs.

Also, assigning a new admin board if it requires or the old board will continue for the next  period. The meeting will be open for any related discussions or suggestions.

the gathering will include a social discussions with the dinner to strengthen relations between members.

Thus  it is important in this event to have all OSET members. waiting to see you.

Place: Sultan Qaboos University

College of Education, hall 45, ground floor.

Date: 24\3\2014 Monday

Time: from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

OSET admins discussing E-Training through Moodle


At today’s OSET admin board meeting the main topic was E-Training through Moodle, and hopefully very soon after confirming the strategies OSET will start E-Training through Moodle


General Assembly Meeting

General Assembly Meeting

18 / 2 / 2013

The Society has conducted the general assembly meeting at Lecture Hall of college of education Sultan Qaboos University and the meeting has included the following agendas:

  • Browsing Admin board report
  • Financial report of the society
  • Election for the admin board
  • Discussion

Meeting Details:

The President of the society has began the meeting by welcoming the members and after greetings he has started to explore the agendas of the meeting and has started by the admin board report and then Mr. Malik the society’s financial administrator has viewed the financial report of the last year and afterword the president has supervised the election and it has resulted the following:

1 – Current admin board has been re-chosen by the recommendation of all members.

2 – Mr. Nasser AL-Tobi has nominated himself to be a part of OSET admin and all members agreed upon.

Finally the president has ended the meeting by an open discussion with the members.