OSET General Assembly Meeting Report

2014 At Sultan Qaboos University


24 Members of OSET and representatives of Ministry of Social Affairs

Meeting Agenda

  • Exploring OSET Administrative Report
  • Viewing OSET’s Financial Report
  • OSET’s New Administrative Elections
  • General Discussion

Meeting Report

OSET’s Chairmen opened the meeting by greeting the members

Then he showed the OSET report of the previous year and then he confirmed that the members represents 11.5% of all OSET members to start the elections, and then elections started and members has nominated there name to be in OSET Admin board for the next Year and the members are the following:

  1. Dr. Ali AL-Musawi
  2. Nasser AL-Tobi
  3. Malik AL-Noumani
  4. Ozear AL_Zadjali
  5. Narjis AL-Hinai
  6. Hifaa AL-Suhai
  7. Abdullah AL-Harthi
  8. Mohammed AL-Abri

Participants has accepted all the nominated members to be in the OSET’s Admin board afterword and general discussion has started and it included many topics including

–      Activating Members by establishing new communication channels including SMS & Social Networks

–      Communicating with other Societies

–      Combining Network of QA to OSET

–      Expanding OSET’s activities to include Programs of Managing Educational Technology

–      Creating an educational Bus (Not an Actual Bus but as an idea) to reach the schools

–      Mr. Khalid AL-Miahi has showed a project and discussed the OSET members to adopt this project

OSET Admin board has their internal meeting and defined the following:




Dr. Ali AL-Musawi


Nasser AL-Tobi


Malik AL-Noumani


Narjis AL-Hinai

And Finally the meeting has ended at 9 PM

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