OSET activities include:
  1. Scholarly exchange among professionals and practitioners in the Sultanate.
  2. Publishing newsletters.
  3. Conducting intensive workshops for members, specialists, and individuals interested in the field of educational technology.
  4. Organizing annual symposia and lectures on related topics.
  5. Research studies in the field of education technology.
  6. Exhibition of exemplary study cases from various educational institutions.
  7. Publishing a print/electronic periodical journal dedicated to educational technology and encompassing professional/practical and scholarly/academic topics.
  8. Maintaining a database of individuals specialized in the field of educational technology in Oman and researchers doing research in related areas.
  9. Delivering lectures and giving talks inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman.
  10. Inviting experts in the field of educational technology and representing the society in national and international symposia and conferences by participation of members.