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Chapter One:  The Geographic Scope of the Society and the Centres of its Administration

Article (1): To achieve its general goals, the Omani Society for Educational Technology uses the following means:

1. Choosing an executive and administrative infrastructure from the specialists and those interested in and practitioners of educational technologies.

2. Using media for the promotion of the activities of the society and its goals and to increase the awareness of the public of its role.

3. Providing the comfortable physical environment for the members as to  the location  and  place to enable them to carry out their  activities.

4. Exploitation of its  available funds for planning  and carrying out its  activities.

5. The continuous evaluation and follow up of its activities and setting the necessary reports in this respect.

Article (2): The society shall not be involved in political activity nor  in the formation of parties nor  in religious affairs, shall keep away  of tribal and minorities coalitions stipulated  under the Law of domestic  societies and in particular:

  • Indulge in any activity apart of that fixed in its statute.
  • Shall not cause or participate or join any society or body or club located outside of the sultanate only after the app  of the Ministry of Social development.
  • Hold public parties or festivals or deliver public lectures only after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Social Development.
  • Shall not Send out of people outside the sultanate or receive as foreign groups only after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Social Development.
  • Allow gambling or drinking alcoholic drinks in its premises.

Article (3): The Founders of  This Society (see the membership section).



Chapter Two:  Conditions of Membership and Legal Rights and Duties of Members

Section One:  Conditions of Membership

Article (7):  Door of the membership is opened according to the following:

1. Shall be qualified  and interested in the field of educational technology.

2. Shall not be under  18 years old.

3. Shall not be convicted for an offence  or crime against honour or integrity  unless they have been reinstated and regained their civil rights.

4. Shall have good conduct and behaviour.

5. Shall undertake to observe the internal  code of the society.

6. He/she shall have the willingness to work in the service of  the society and the achievement of its goals.

Article (8):  Qualified expatriates operating in the Sultanate in educational technology can join the society as members the society but cannot qualify for membership of the Board of the society.

Article (9): The person willing to join the society can submit an application to the coordinator in the application set for the purpose and applications are registered  in serial numbers and submitted  to the  Board for the study of their acceptance and then the applicants will be notified by the Board.

Section Two:  Membership Rights and Obligations

Article (10):  The member shall consider the provisions of the Law of Domestic Societies issued under Royal Decree number 14/2000 and the statute of this society and shall consider his membership in the society as a volunteering work for the purpose of serving the citizens in the Sultanate and to work for their care and endeavour to promote the work of the society. The member shall:

  • Take part in all of the activities of the society in the limits of his abilities and possibilities.
  • Be the best example for the society as to discipline, good conduct and behaviour.
  • Shall not make prejudice to the society any way.
  • Endeavour to encourage the different activities of the society.
  • Shall abide by and comply with the decisions issued by the society.
  • Shall pay  the annual subscriptions fixed by the Board  which are approved by the General Assembly.
  • Shall attract   new members  to the society and that through  making them aware and by the spreading  of ideas among the qualified  persons  and those interested in its activities.

Article (11):The resigned member or the separate is not entitled to  claim what he paid to  the society to subscriptions or contributions.

Article (12):  He member is entitled to achieve the collective goals of the society by:

  • Attending the ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings and vote in them.
  • Submitting his candidature  for membership of the   Board of Directors  -Unless he/she was made an exception of it- and that  after one  year from joining the society and meeting the terms for the membership of the Board.
  • Taking part in the training and preparatory programs which it holds.

Article (13):  Withdrawing the membership occurs in the following cases:

  • Retreating from the society.
  • Death.
  • Failing to meet two of the  conditions of the membership.
  • Dismissal.
  • Delay to pay the subscriptions in due time provided that he was notified   by bespoken speech by merit.

The Board of management issues a decision of disqualification from membership within 15 days from the date of the issue of the decision of the Board in that respect.

Article (14): .  Membership may be restored to the member whose membership was cancelled in case he pays the due subscription fees in the following year.

Article (15): Membership may not be restored to the member whose membership was cancelled for whatever reason nor to the heirs of the dead  member, they may not refund  the previous subscription fees or the donations  and he is not entitled to the funds of the society.



Chapter Three:  Management of the Society 

Article (16):  The sections of the Management of the Omani Society for Educational Technology is composed of:

1.The general assembly.

2.A board of directors.

3.Three committees.

Article (17):  This petition is amended through::

1. Submitting  a suggestion by any member  for the modification through the relevant  committee.

2.The committee examines the amendment or the suggestion for he modification.

3.Approval of the modification by the  concerned committee after  unanimous approval of the  majority of the members.

4. The modification becomes binding and effective and registered in  the supplement of modifications of this petition after the approval of the majority  in the general assembly by the majority of  votes.

5.- Forward  the modification to the Board for approval and implementation

Section One: The General Assembly

 Article (18):  The general assembly will be made  from the members who fulfilled the imposed engagements on them in accordance with this petition  and those who  paid for the fees of their subscriptions  and those who have been members for 6 months at least and that apart from the first meeting of the assembly.

Article (19):  The general assembly is held according to invitation from the  Board of management or upon the request of  one third of  the members who are entitled to attend the general assembly or upon a request of the Ministry of Social Development  when required, the meeting will take place  in the office of the Society, and the  Board may  hold the assembly in another place  fixed in  the invitation for the assembly.

Article (20): An agenda  shall be attached to the  invitation of the general assembly and shall not examine  any other issues apart from those  mentioned under the agenda of the General Assembly unless after the approval  of the members who have the right to attend.

Article (21):  The ordinary general assembly is called to meet once a year within the three months following the expiry of  the fiscal year of the society to examine the following:

1.Report of a Board of management bout the completed activities of the terminated year and project of the operating plan for the new year.

2.The public budget and the final accounting for the expired financial year and project of the budget for the new year.

3. Report of the auditor of accounts.

4. Election of the  Board of management or the vacant places.

5.The appointment of an auditor  of accounts and fixing his remunerations

6.Any issues  that  the Board deems proper..

Article (22): The general assembly may be called for an extraordinary meeting to examine the  amendment of the internal petition, its dissolution, merging in other society or dropping the membership  of some or all the members of the  Board or filling the vacancies  and the other important and urgent  issues  that the Minister of the Ministry of social development deems proper to be discussed, or if there was a serious breach of the provisions of the  Law of societies, their  statute or internal petitions or the voiding (cancelling) of  the decisions of the Board.

Article (23) :A member of the general assembly may appoint  a representative to act on his behalf writing  and that in order to attend the meetings  of the General Assembly  and any member  may not appoint  more than one representative and the representative  may vote on behalf of the member who had appointed him.

Article (24):  The general assembly shell be held in the headquarters  of the society unless the invitation indicated another place, and the  invitation of the members shall be done upon a recommended letter 15 days at least  before the General Assembly meeting  and with it shall be enclosed  an agenda and a a copy of  the final public budget and final calculations and project of the budget..

Article (25):  The ministry of Social Development shall be notified about every meeting of the  general assembly 15 days  before it is held  along with a copy of the invitation  and the other issues to be discussed in the meeting of the General Assembly, and  the other special documents concerning the  meeting, and f ministry appoints the person  that it deems appropriate  to  attend  the meeting.

Article (26): A meeting of the general assembly is considered correct only with  the presence of the absolute majority of the  members and if the quorum is not reached then  the meeting shall be postponed  to another General Assembly to be held  within 15 days  from the date of the first meeting and the second meeting will be considered valid  if the same  members  representing not less than 10% and if the majority is not reached the Minister may authorize the Board to act with the authorities of the General Assembly.

Article (27): The Chairman of the  Board of the society will be the Chairman of the  General Assembly  and in his absence , the Deputy chairman of the Board will be the Chairman of the General Assembly  or the eldest member in The Board in case the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the society is absent.

Article (28): The ordinary general assembly decisions are issued by majority of  present number of the members whereas the decisions of the extraordinary General Assembly  will be issued  by the majority of two thirds of he members present.

Article (29):  The  decisions of  the general assembly  shall be registered  in a special register in which  signs the chairman and d the coordinator

Article (30): The member of the General Assembly is not  allowed to take part in the  discussions of the general assembly or vote on an issue submitted to the  meeting of the General Assembly  if he has a personal interest in the submitted issue to the discussion of the General Assembly  or in respect to taking a decision  related to it  apart from the election of the Board of the society.

Article (31): The ministry of Social Development  shall be informed about  the general assembly by  a copy  of the minutes  of the General Assembly  fifteen days  before the meeting of the General Assembly  provided that  the  minutes of the meeting include the decisions taken.

Section Two : The  Board of the Society

 Article (32): A Board of  the society is made by at least five members not exceeding  twelve members, for a period of two years, the period is renewable  and it is allowed to elect the member whose membership expired.

Article (33):  The Chairman of the Board of the society is elected at the first meeting following  the General Assembly  among the members of, and also are elected the deputy Chairman, a coordinator  and a secretary for the Fund.

Article (34): The Board of the society undertakes the affairs of the society and shall assume collective liability before  the ministry of Social Development for all its acts pursuant to the provisions of the laws  and internal bye-laws of the society  and shall be liable for all the capitals  and properties of the society and his duties are as following:

1.  Running the technical, financial and administrative affairs of the society, prepare the  internal bye-laws of the society and be informed  about the samples  prepared by the ministry of Social Development for that purpose.

2.  Form the required  committees that it deems  it necessary the good  work process  provided that each committee is represented by one member  at least  and the decisions of the committees will be  effective in the limits  fixed by the Chairman of the Board  of the society  and provided that its works are submitted to  the Board  in its first meeting  to approve them.

3.   Appoint the  employees, gives them discipline and terminate their services.

4.  Call for the meeting of the ordinary and extraordinary general assembly in accordance with the regulations of the law.

5.  Examine the  acceptance of new members in  the society take decision  in the submitted  resignation from any member.

6.    Accomplishing decisions of the general assembly.

7.    Looking into the breaches/violations  committed by  the members.

8.    The direct supervision of the  programs and projects carried out by the  society.

9.    Fix the long term loans.

10. Set up The final accounts and prepare the public Budget  of the expired financial year and  the  project of the  budget for annual year to come and prepare the  report to be submitted to the  general assembly.

11. Discussing the remarks made by The ministry of Social Development  in that respect.

12. Notification of the ministry by a  copy of the  reports of the  Board of the society within two weeks  before the  general assembly.

Article (35):  The  Board of  the society meets regularly at least once a month  and any member who fails to attend  more than half of the meetings  of the Board without a logical reason is considered as  resigned.

Article (36):  The Meeting of the Board is valid if  the absolute majority of the  members are present and its decisions are issued by the  majority of the members present and in case of  equal votes the side of the Chairman  is decisive  in the vote.

Article (37): If there is a vacancy in the membership  of the members of the Board  in the period between one General Assembly meeting and another, the Board  may fill it with the member who had more votes in the  last elections  after the elected members and if he/she  has  an obstacle preventing him, then the next member takes his place.

Article (38):  Minutes of the Board meetings shall be  registered in a special register and shall be signed by the Chairman t and the coordinator.

Article (39): The member of the Board of the society shall not cumulate between his membership at the society and his membership in another society operating in the same field  except by a permission from The ministry of Social Development  or by someone who authorizes him for that  and he shall not cumulate between his  membership in the society and a paid  job in it.

Article (40): The ministry of Social Development may delegate a representative to attend the meetings of the Board of the society  to submit its point of view in a specific issue  in what it deems required by the public interest to be studied jointly  with the Board of the society  and the representative of the Ministry  may participate in the discussion of this issue  without voting on it

Article (41): The ministry of Social Development may void a  meeting of the   Board of the society  and the decisions taken in it if it did not comply with the regulations  of the Law of Domestic Societies, it may also  void  any decision issued by the Board of the society  that violated or did not comply with  some facets of the  breach without voiding  the meeting in itself and in this case  the rest of the decisions will be considered valid  provided that  the decisions of making  void  in all cases  within one month  at most  from the notification of the Ministry  about the minutes of the meeting  and the decisions taken in it

Article (42): The  minister of Social Development  may appoint with a reasonable  cause and for a period not exceeding two years a manager  or a temporary Board for the society who will be in charge  of the duties of the  Board of the society  and that in the following cases:

  • If  the number of the Board of the society  becomes insufficient for the valid  meeting  of the Board of the society.
  • If the general assembly does not meet for two successive years  without an acceptable  reason for The ministry of Social Development.
  • If the Board committed  a breach requiring this measure  and that after its warning to remove the breach and the expiry of  one month  from the date of the warning to remove the breach.

Article (43):  In this case  the  Board of the society  and those working in the  society  shall first  deliver to the temporary  manager or the Board soon after their appointment all the  capital, records, documents  and assets of the society without prejudice to their responsibilities as to the breaches/violations they committed. The manager  or the temporary Board shall also run the affairs of the society in accordance with the qualifications of the Board of the society and hence, he shall call for the meeting of the General Assembly before the expiry of the fixed period in the decision of the appointment and submit to it a report on the situation  of the society and the General Assembly shall elect the new Board of the society  in the same meeting.

Article (44): The Board of may in some of its qualifications authorize an executive  committee made of the chairman of the Board or the vice-chairman and the secretary of the fund, the coordinator and anyone elected by  the Board of the society  among its members provided that its members shall not exceed Five members and its meeting will be held  by the attendance  of three members at least.

Article (45): The executive committee has the following qualifications::

1. Adopt the monetary actions in the limits which the Board of the society  decides.

2. Approve the appointment of employees  and their specification in the limits which the Board of the society  decides.

3.  Approve the minutes of the annual inventory.

4. Give permission to release the payment  of the long term loan in accordance with the requirements and the conditions  of work.

5.Study the executive  policy of the projects  and suggestions as well as the project of the budget  once every two weeks before their submission to the  Board of the society

6.  Revise and approve the final account and budget and studying the report of audit of accounts and preparation of the reply on the remarks before submitting it.

7. Approve the decisions  of the other committees  before submitting them to the  Board of  the society and the executive committee meets  at least once every two  weeks  to pass in review the  work in the society in what  enters in the specialities of the committee

The decisions shall be registered  in  a special register and submitted to the  Board of society case by case..

Article (46):  The Chairman of the Board has the following qualifications :

1. The chairmanship of the Board, the ordinary and extraordinary General Assembly, the attendance of the internal committees and is entitled to summon it.

2. Represent the society in its relationships with others and in litigation.

3.Approve the  sessions on  the agenda  of the Board of society and the supervision of the implementation of its decisions

4. Sign all  contracts and the agreements , decisions which the Board of the society  agrees to enter into on behalf of the Board of the society

5. Sign with the coordinator the minutes of the meetings  as well as  the administrative  decisions and  the employees affairs.

6. Sign the cheques and approve the documents of the payment with the bursar.

7. Take decision in the urgent issues  which cannot be  postponed to the meeting of the  executive committee or the  Board of the society provided that they are  submitted  at the beginning of the  meeting of the Board of the society.

Article (47): The coordinator has the following qualifications :

1. Prepare the agenda of the Board  and address invitations to  the members and write the minutes of the meetings of the Board  and its  decisions and their  registration in the special registers and submit them to the Board  in the next meeting for their ratification

2. Preparing a register of the names  of the members and their fundamental data.

3. Holding registers of the minutes of the meetings of the  Board t and the general assembly and sign them with the chairman of the Board of the society .

4. Prepare the annual report on the activities of the society  and submit it to the executive committee of the society.

5. Prepare the agenda  of the  general assembly and its  invitation in  the legal appointment as well as the  preparation of agenda of the extraordinary  meeting of the general assembly.

6. Notification of the ministry about the minutes of the meetings  of the  Board and the general assembly in fixed dates.

7. The supervision of all  the administrative activities  and  keeping the documents  and records of the society  in its office.

8. Make perusal of all incoming correspondences to the society and submit them to the  Board  or  the executive committee or the Chairman of the Board in accordance with the specifications of each of them.

9. Receive applications of joining the society.

Article (48): The bursar has the following qualifications :

1. The supervision of  funds of the  society and its expenditures , the control of the issuance of the  invoices  for all the revenues of the society, their reception  and deposit  at the bank and the control of the  documents  of registration in the financial registers (books)

2. Organization and supervision of the treasury.

3.The supervision of the  annual inventory.

4. Payment of the approved amounts  of the expenditure and keeping records , sign the cheques  with the Chairman of the society.

5. Make copies of the final accounts  and the public budget for their initial submission to the auditor of accounts to prepare his report on them after their revision  then submission to  the executive committee and the Board of the society.

6. Putting the project of the budget and submit it to the Board of the society..

7. Preparation of the reply on notes which reach the society regarding monetary acts.

Article (49): The  general assembly shall appoint an auditor of  accounts from outside the members of the Board of the society  and shall fix his remunerations  and in case the  expenses or the revenues exceeded  R.O 10.000 then it becomes necessary to appoint a chartered  auditor and shall catty out his duties  starting from the date of  his appointment  until the meeting of the  next General Assembly  and shall  control  the accounts of the fiscal year in which he had been appointed. The auditor (controller ) of accounts has the following qualifications:

1. Make perusal of the books of  the society and its documents at any time  and he can ask  for any information or clarifications he deems necessary for the accomplishment of his  mission  and can  check  the assets of the society  and its obligations.

2. Set up  the financial system that ensures the good work process of the society.

3. Make the inventory of the treasury  at the end of the fiscal year and submit a report to the Board of the society about it.

4. Submit  a report  about the final account and the public budget to the Board one month at least  before the fixed date of the meeting of the General Assembly  accompanied by a report including his remarks on the final account and the budget.

Section Three: The Permanent Committees

Article (50):

The Omani society of the educational technology will have the following permanent committees as mentioned below:

  • The administrative and Financial Affairs committee.
  • The Activities and festivities Committee.
  • The Services and Public relations Committee.

Article (51): The administrative and Financial Affairs committee is a committee that is concerned with  control  of administrative and Financial Affairs  as The to the implementation of  the financial, employment and supervision of technical and human resources, the financial facilities  and the follow up of  the purchase orders, financial auditing, financial statements and fixing the breaches/violations. So, it performs the following in particular:

1. Following  up reports of the bursar and the  coordinator and forward recommendations  in their respect to the Board of the society.

3. Suggest the  opening 2. Provide  necessary information to treasurer for the preparation of the new budgets.

or the transfer of  the branches of  the society inside the sultanate but the  opening of  branches of  the society in the sultanate or their transfer to another location  is not allowed  unless after the approval of The ministry of Social Development  and an application shall be made  to open a new branch or transfer the society  before at least thirty days.

4.  Keep the following books and registers  at the office of the society:

  • The registers of nouns of the members and what they pay as subscriptions.
  • Minutes  of the meetings of the Board of the society  and the general assembly.
  • Books  of accounts of revenue, expenses, and the contributions along with the adopted documents.
  • Any registers or other books  that The ministry of Social Development deems necessary to keep at the office  of the society.

5. Design and printing of the  books, registers and the print-outs  which bear the name and the logo  of the society its address   and the number of its registration..

6. Follow up the financial subsidy (help) provided by the ministry of Social Development for the society from the monetary allocations for the  society  in accordance with the provisions of the Law and forward reports about this financial help  in respect to:

  • The need  of the society to a help of furnishing.
  • The  society ‘s needs it in the cause of the realization of its goals and carrying its activities.
  • The extent of the contribution of the society in the  performance of the connected humanitarian  services to  its activities.
  • The implementation of the society of a social or cultural project that serves its  social goals.

7. Make recommendations to appoint financial accountants and make agreements with them  and prepare  final accounts financial and  administrative reports.

8.  Preparation, presentation and implementation of  financial needs in the different activities..

9. The cooperation with the  inspectors of The ministry of Social Development  in the audit of the activities of the society, and ensure its compliance with the laws, regulations and the decisions of the society  by facilitating  access to its office to make perusal of its records, books and registers and note down the breaches  to the law  and its executive petitions and write the necessary  minutes    and take the appropriate measures in their respect.

10.Forward the recommendations to the Board of the society concerning the purchase, lease of equipment, appliances, tools, books, software that are necessary for the activities of the society.

Article(52): The Committee of the activities and the festivities  undertakes  the following:

1. The design, implementation and the evaluation of the special activities such as  the lectures and the symposiums and the conferences in accordance with the provisions of the Law..

2.The supervision of its specific issues  such as the publication of news documentaries  on the society, its specialized magazine  on the educational technology and setting the frames  of the necessary conception  for issuing this magazine.

3. Exchange and host the scientific experiences in the field of the educational technology and build data bases  for specialists and researchers  in the  educational technology in accordance with the regulations /laws..

4. Organization and holding of specialized  training workshops.

5. set up  the annual budget  for its activities and forward it  to the  board of the society.

6. Make recommendations for the affiliation to societies and similar organizations in accordance with the regulations /law and forward  them to the Board of the society  and make recommendations for making agreements  in the field of the educational technology and forward them to the Board.

7. Coordinate r and make researches between specializing in field in the field of the  educational technology.

8. Make recommendations to form delegations  and host them in accordance with the provisions  of the Law.

9. Make electronic and [printing publications  for the  intellectual products of the society.

10. Establishment of a library of the society and the supervision of  its development and its supply with  books, references and qualified publications.

Article(53): The Committee of the services and the public relations has the following duties:

  1. Plan and design the ceremonial activities of the  society like inauguration and final  ceremonies  and similar activities  in accordance with the Law ‘s regulations including all the  missions having a social aspect such as the arrangements of foods and transport.
  2. The supervision of the  organizational matters for activities made by the  public committee and other board of the society  and other committees in the  society in respect to  their planning, implementation and follow up with the concerned members for this purpose by the said parties mentioned above.
  3. The coordination with the related parties for the arrangement of accommodation  and transport of the members in side and outside  the Sultanate   in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  4. Arrange the  field visits arrangement suggested by the  committees inside  the sultanate.
  5. Planning and entertaining activities of the society in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  6. Spread the  activities of the society and spread  social awareness through the mass media  and similar channels.
  7. Set down the recommendations on the  manner the society  presents its services to the community in accordance with the regulations of the Law.
  8. Follow up and acquire audio visual  materials, equipment and tools, classify them, distribute them on their places and store  them  using modern technical ways.
  9. Carry out the maintenance of the  physical facilities and  buildings of the society and  follow up  measures of a maintenance.
  10.  Set up the technical  specifications the required  materials  and buildings.
  11. Evaluate the  materials, facilities  and  buildings for commissioning and know their  hypothetical lifetime.

Article(54): The  following proceedings  can be followed in the formation of committees:

1. Can be candidates  in the  committees among the present members those who honoured their  required obligations in accordance with this petition  and were members  for more than 6 months  at least from the first meeting.

2. Members will be selected among the experienced  persons  in  the qualifications required in the committee.

3. Members can be disqualified or  dismissed in case they fail  to attend three consecutive meetings.

4. The president of the concerned committee may recommend the nomination of or substitution  of the members of a committee  for the Board to approve them.



Chapter Four:  The Society Resources, their Exploitation and their Management

Section One: The Resources of the Society

 Article(55):  The resources of the  society are made as follows:

1. The annual subscriptions of members.

2. The registration  fees of  each new member for the first time.

3. The contributions, gifts and legacies provided that they are approved by The ministry of Social Development  in respect to their acceptance.

4. Revenue of the activities.

5. The governmental subsidies.

6. Other revenues  approved by The ministry of Social Development

Section Two: The Monetary Measures for the Society 

Article(56): The annual subscription fee is fixed at RO 20 and the registration fees for new members are fixed at RO 10.

Article(57):  The society will have  final annual budget and a final account The fiscal year of  the society will start at the beginning of January of each year and end  at the end of  December each year. Apart from the first  fiscal year, it starts from the date of the registration of the society and ends in December of the following year.

Article(58): Moneys of the society shall be deposited in the proclaimed name of the society at one of the accredited banks in the Sultanate  and The ministry of Social Development shall be notified  about it and in case there is  a change  in the depositing party, the min shall be informed  within a week from that  and the drawing of this money shall be upon cheques  bearing the name  and signature of the Chairman of the society and the bursar.

Article(59): The  board of he society  fixes the  money amounts kept by the bursar to face the urgent  expenses The of the society.

Section Three:  Management of the Financial  Resources

 Article(60):  The fixed and movable  moneys  of the society are the property of the society  and are allocated  to spend from  them to achieve its goals  and shall not be spent in  other matters  and shall have a surplus  in its revenues  to ensure  a fixed resource  in the activities  realizing  an income  provided that it does not affect  the activities of the society  and provided that  it is  approved by the ministry of Social Development.

Article(61) the monetary engagements are paid pursuant to  what is decided by the  board of the society in the Management of  the financial affairs  in the society and what is adopted  as priorities  in this Management. The resources of the society shall be spent to pay the rents and  honour the   financial commitments of the  society  for the purpose of:

** Hold the various scientific activities.

**The scientific issues/publications.

**The staff working with wages in the society.

Article(62): The  society  is not entitled to any intellectual property or any other rights  of real estates  only in the necessary amount to achieve  the aim it was founded for  unless it had a special permission from  The ministry of Social Development.

Article(63): The society undertakes not to indulge in financial speculations  and also undertakes not to receive foreign money  and not to send money to  persons or foreign parties  without permission from The ministry of Social Development (except the money for the price of the equipments and tools for its activities as well as the price  of books and publications in the way that does not violate the  law of prints and publications)  The society shall not collect money from  the public or  hold  ceremonies to collect money from the public  and  charity markets and other ways of collecting funds except for the purposes that  achieve the goals of the society  ( with the permission of The ministry of Social Development )

Article(64): The minister  of Social Development  can decide the merging of the  Omani society of the Teaching  techniques of the teaching with another  society or other societies with  similar aims in one single society for the purpose of  coordinating the services rendered  or other  reasons  that it deems  necessary to achieve the goals  behind its establishing   and the merging  issues a reasonable decision showing the way of the merging  and shall be transmitted  to the concerned parties soon after it was issued.

Article(65):  The  board of  the merged society and its employees must not manage any of its  issues  by their mere notification  about the decision of merging  and must start by delivering all the money of the society  the fixed and the movable moneys, the special documents to the society in which it was   merged

 Article(66) The  society  may be dissolved  by a justifying decision  from The ministry of Social Development if it proved to be  unable to achieve the goals it was founded for or if it mismanaged the moneys in its possession illegally in accordance with its purposes. Or if it failed to hold its General Assembly for two successive years, or if it committed a serious breach to the law  or the  petitions issued pursuant to it or if it violated the public order or ethics.

Article(67): Decision of the solution of the society  will be transmitted by a registered letter and will be published  the official  gazette. The Moneys of the society return to a proclaimed society or societies operating in its field  and fixed by The ministry of Social Development

Article(68):  The society is forbidden, after the issue of the decision of its dissolution to continue its activities  and the same applies to its staff in the Management, it shall not run  its moneys  soon after being notified about the decision of dissolution and the Management staff shall  deliver  to the liquidator, all the documents, special registers of the society on request and  the Bank  where the funds of the society are deposited as well as the creditors, shall  not act in them in any of the issues only  by written order from the liquidator.

Article(69):  after the end of  the liquidation, the liquidator  distributes the remaining amounts of money  in accordance with the regulations in that respect  under this petition  and if there is no text  in its regard, The ministry of Social Development directs the funds of the dissolved society to the proclaimed  society/societies in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Article(70):  All convicted members of the board of the society  for breaches  committed  which led to the dissolution of the society shall not submit their candidature to the membership  of another society for five years from the date of the decision of the dissolution.