Membership Terms:

  1. A member must be specialized or interested in the field of educational technologies.
  2. A member must not be less than 18 years old.
  3. A member must be reputed for good conduct and have not been convicted for any crime affecting honor or integrity unless reinstated.
  4. A member must respect and adhere to the Bylaws of the society.
  5. A member must subscribe to the aims and objectives of the society, and be willing to serve its goals.

Important Note:

Every member must renew his membership and data every year between june and july , renewing includes payment, if member hasn’t renewed his membership till the next renewing period his membership will be canceled automatically , please acknowledge that this process is crucial and help us in organizing our data sheets and delete member who are inactive or who don’t need to continue being an OSET member.

Filling the form does not mean that your membership has been renewed successfully, we will check if you are fulfilling all the procedures if so , you will get an e-mail confirming that your membership has been successfully renewed.

Membership & Renew Fees:

Fees Type Student Employee
New Membership 10  O.R 20  O.R
Annual Renewal 5  O.R 10  O.R

**After filling the form you will get an e-mail including payment instructions.

Contact & Inquiries :

Registration & Renewal link:

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